The Materials and Finishings

In addition to the general lines, the appearance is enlivened by sophisticated materials, that recall the colors of the Church of Orsanmichele and Renaissance Florence: from the Calacatta di Michelangelo, the white marble par excellence, to the oak parquet, laid in a Hungarian fishbone pattern, to the unique colors of Farrow & Ball.

These eleven extraordinary residences are the result of an attentive union and dialogue with the history of the buildings and the surrounding environment.

The Restructuring

The Bathrooms

Just like in the palazzos of olden times, every room of the Palazzo Calzaiuoli residences is a wonder to be discovered.

The same goes for the bathrooms, each one of which is different.

These spaces are characterized by a sophisticated, elegant and refined interior design.

Sanitary ware, faucets and fittings with classical lines, wide showers and marble for the main bathrooms.

A relaxation area, fitted with lighting fixtures, with audio speakers and Bluetooth system.

A beautiful and functional ambient, that combines technology and design, to offer a surprising result.

The smaller bathrooms feature exclusive wallpaper, with elegant and refined decorations and patterns that are unique to each residence.

The design of these spaces is also the result of attentive and sophisticated research.

The Restructuring

The Details

Great care has been taken with every single element of the renovation project, in an attempt to preserve the historic charm of the Palazzo.

Marble boiserie with minimal lines, delicate colors and deĢcor wallpaper.

The ceiling cornices remain untouched and alternate with large windows, that offer breathtaking views to create continuity between the indoor and outdoor environments.

For ambients which are focused, first and foremost, on the view and light.

The Restructuring

The Facilities

The eleven residences of Palazzo Calzaiuoli are all Energy Class A.

They have been equipped with the most advanced technologies, in order to guarantee maximum energy efficiency and the highest living comfort.

The Restructuring


The residences have been built adopting interventions that aim to protect the casing of the building against noise, mitigating outdoor sounds from adjacent areas and installations. Soundproofing materials have been used in order to improve the insulation of the original building structure, both for the horizontal partitions (floors and ceilings) as well as the vertical partitions (dividing walls between the different units). Soundproofed pipes have been used, the front doors of the apartments and external frames are soundproofed and Certified with Rw>=40dBA.

Home automation

It is possible to automatically regulate the rooms in each residence using BACS (Building Automation Control Systems), devices that permit the control and management of appliances to improve the energy efficiency of the installations in relation to external environmental conditions as well as different and variable user and occupation scenarios. This guarantees comfort, safety, quality and concrete reductions in energy consumption (up to 30% compared to traditional systems).

Functional characteristics of the home automation System

  • Heating/cooling: automatic and optimized regulation of the heating according to the actual use of the rooms and the requirements of whoever is occupying them.
  • Lighting: centralized room lighting control. Reproduction of lighting scenarios or individual adjustment of light intensity.
  • Safety: notification, via internet or telephone, whenever doors and windows are opened, glass is broken, the presence of intruders or smoke are detected etc.
  • Video monitoring of the entrance door in addition to video-intercom.
  • Emergencies: notification in the event of intruders which causes all the lights to be switched on as a deterrent (emergency command).
  • Travel: ‘house occupied’ simulation through control of lighting.
  • Daily life: scenarios featuring everyday control of lighting, heating, etc.
  • Control: the systems in the house are managed by means of a touch screen display which can be connected to indoor surveillance cameras.

Climate control

Each residence is fitted with electronic inverter type fan-coils with brushless technology.
Particularly high performing and silent these allow minimum energy consumption as well as excellent living comfort in both winter and summer months..

Thermo-hydraulic installations

The Palazzo is fitted with 3 high efficiency condenser heat pumps, which are located on the roof in a dedicated soundproofed technical room and a condensing boiler, that can be utilized both to supplement the heat pumps in the winter, as well as to produce hot water for sanitary use.


Very low energy consumption light sources are used in the communal areas. The lighting project for the empty co-owned areas was devised according to a descending logic in such a way as to only illuminate the points of interest, thus favoring the design of the lighting elements. These are all of a cut-off type so that no light is ever emitted beyond the horizontal plane, thus contributing to minimizing light pollution.